Work packages

To achieve the research objectives of the IRIS-Fire project, and ultimately help mitigate the large scale fires that can occur, six technical, dissemination and capacity building work packages have been created.

WP1 - Settlement surveys & interviews

Snapshot surveys of the informal settlements will provide stochastic data to be used in the modelling and fire experiments.


Interviews will understand regulatory and policy contexts of the resilience cycle for informal settlements with respect to fire.

WP2 - Fire experiments

Controlled experiments on real scale informal dwellings will occur in the UK and in South Africa. 


Single and double dwelling experiments will occur in the UK, while large area fire experiments will occur in the South Africa.

WP3 - Fire spread modelling

New numerical modelling tools will be developed to capture the nature of informal settlement fire spread.


Input data will be gathered from WPs 1 and 2, and will feed directly into WP4.

WP4  - Risk mapping framework

Use of current and historical satellite data, with quantified experimental and modelling analyses, to produce a framework able to identify and quantify fire risks within informal settlements.

WP5  - Resilience guidelines

Develop better practical, evidenced-based guidelines, grounded in the current social, economic and political realities, to improve the resilience of the informal settlements against fire.


Guidelines will be developed with stakeholders within the settlements and the municipalities to ensure they are appropriate and achievable. 

WP6  - Capacity building

Capacity building will be delivered through continuing professional development workshops and seminars, university short courses, and specific informal settlement fire resilience workshops.