Improving the Resilience of Informal Settlements to Fire

IRIS-Fire is an international and interdisciplinary research project, between engineers and social scientists, that are looking to Improve the Resilience of Informal Settlements to Fire. This international collaboration project, between the University of Edinburgh, UK and Stellenbosch University, South Africa, aims to develop fundamental understanding of the social, political, and technical issues regarding fire safety and fire spread within informal settlements situated in the Western Cape of South Africa and beyond.


Selected latest news from the IRIS-Fire Project

January Research Trip 2018

23 Jan 2018 

The beginning of January saw Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock and David Rush travel to Cape Town for three main reasons

  1. Survey planning
  2. Advisory Board meeting
  3. Visiting settlements

Read more about who we met, where we went, and what surveys we are planning.


Funding for deeper social investigation and impact

15 Aug 2017

Dr Graham Spinardi has recently been awarded an ESRC grant to look into more depth the social and technological issues within informal settlements with respect to fires.


The ESRC grant, titled "Tackling Fire in Informal Urban Settlements: An Interdisciplinary Approach", is to work alongside many aspects of the IRIS-Fire project. With this being the case, the grants will work together in terms of outputs and deliverables, to maximise the use of resources to the fullest possible extent. 

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IRIS-Fire project brief

Project brief for IRIS-Fire - motivation, objectives and key partners.

Data, publications and guidelines

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